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The Coyne Group is a strategic management and visioning firm focusing on the development of sustainable competitive advantage for our clients.  We are a boutique firm which targets counsel to the executive suite as this makes us more effective while adding the greatest value.   From strategic consulting across the organization to sustainable visioning and  full LEED implementation to one-on-one coaching, our profit-driven model incorporates social and environmental stewardship to successfully help clients improve financial performance, enhance market share, and better align the organization with its core values.  Our clients range from large to small; from corporations to municipalities; from industry trade groups to professional services.

Please explore our site.  Learn more about sustainability.  Mostly, discover how a sustainable business model will maximize the strength of your financial bottom line.   


“To assume that a firm cannot be profitable and sustainable is as misguided as assuming it cannot be profitable and have a diverse workforce.”

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sustainable competitive advantage

the coyne group

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The Coyne Group is a professional services organization offering strategic, tactical and implementation advice to its clients.  Recognized nationally as a thought-leader in sustainable competitive advantage, the firm brings focused executive perspective and intellect to address client needs with a goal of maximizing sustained profits, increasing market share, and achieving greater value congruence among client stakeholders.